In this picture is Mox Sapphire as milk tea with boba.

Bubble? Boba?

Whatever you call it, man, it's delicious. I've actually only tried boba fairly recently but I've seen it gaining popularity all over the past year and some. Since I live in a rural town, you have to go out of town to get to a boba place... so I figured I'm a tea shop, why don't I make it? Well, offer it at least, since I sell mainly online and it's difficult to send finished boba drinks, haha.

Thus, exciting news - boba kits launching soon! Each kit includes 4 pre-made brown sugar boba packets and an ounce of tea of your choice. It's enough to make 4 batches of tea concentrate for tasty milk tea with boba. And the best part is it's quick and no cooking is required. In the picture for this post is my trial of Mox Sapphire and it was so good.

I've made a short list of my tea blends that I think will make the best boba. Another new offering, included in the list of kits but also independent of the kits, will be matcha! 

The kits will be available this Friday!

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