New Year, New Updates

New Year, New Updates

Whew, December flew by so fast. I have a couple updates to bring in the new year!

First, there's still quite a few open orders from the second half of December, but I'm taking a nice big batch to the post office when they reopen on Tuesday so the bulk of those will be on their way. This holiday season just ended up being a lot more busy than I expected! I tried to project for how many order I thought we'd be getting and then we blew way past that, which is awesome, but left me getting a little backed up on filling them as a result. Then there were a couple teas I couldn't reorder as my supplier went out of stock, so that threw a wrench in things as well, not being able to quickly remake a few of the blends especially for Winter's Crest.
On that note, Dirty Wizard has been especially hard to make. The flavor that goes in there went out of stock back in August/September with the projected back in stock day being pushed back every 2 weeks, now projecting mid January. Finding replacement flavors has been a challenge, especially ones I think taste as good as the last one. So anyway, hopefully I can get the full sizes back in stock soon.

We're getting through the challenges, and I thank everyone for their patience!

Also! I will be at MAGFest in Washington D.C. from Jan 18th - 21st in the vendors room! I'll actually be gone for a little more than that as there's some travel time back and forth, so while the shop will still be open during that time, as in previous years, those orders won't start filling until I have returned. I'll post an announcement on the main page as well.

I hope everyone had some great holidays and a great start to the new year!


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