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Small Big Update

I'm working on some site updates again! Hopefully nothing breaks!

First - The app I was using to handle product reviews is being discontinued, but I thankfully found a new product reviews app that I was able to import all the current reviews into. As a side note to this, I want to say I'm so happy when anyone leaves a review on a product because I think it's so valuable for other people to see, so thanks to everyone who has!

Second - While I was looking for review apps I was also browsing what kinds of new apps have come out or become popular for Shopify shops. For the past few months I've been looking for a way to better manage inventory and automate my lists for reorders using spreadsheets, but I found a Shopify app that integrates with the store directly! I can input all the raw materials and recipes and it will automatically adjust quantities available based on what I have on hand. It will also tell me what to reorder when I'm low. I've just been trying to track everything with pen and paper so sometimes I miss something on an order. And with the increase of orders over the past year or so, it's been happening more frequently so it's time to get more organized.

I'm still setting up the inventory app so orders will be a little slow to get out while that happens, but I should be done with it by this next week.

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