The Modrons are Fixing Things Up

The Modrons are Fixing Things Up

Hello there!

I'm testing out this blog function so that I can bring occasional updates with what's been going on here in my little tea buried corner.

I used to do this (very infrequently) on Patreon, as back when I set up the shop, I'm not sure the blog function existed on Shopify. Or at least I didn't really know about it anyway. I was also using the Patreon as a discount club, which was also something that wasn't really available to incorporate into the shop either. But now, with how many updates and apps exist for Shopify, I'm rolling some new features into the shop itself!

You can now subscribe to your favorite blends and get them automatically shipped on a schedule of your choosing!

And if you don't want to be locked into just one or two blends, you can join the Black Lotus Tea Club. This functions much like the Patreon did, where for a monthly membership fee, you get a very nice discount on any purchase you make, and you also get a code each month for $8.95 off any pack of tea you want, so you can pick whichever blend you want! 


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