Red Larch

Red Larch

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Tasting Notes: Light and refreshing, and full of a medley of fruit flavors. The spearmint is in the back and leaves a nice cooling sensation. The white tea and honeybush round it out and keep this one grounded.

I wanted this tea to be reminiscent of the cozy hometown feel and open fields. Take a break from the Long Road and stay a while.

Blended with: Honeybush, Spearmint, White Tea, Rose Hips, Lemongrass, Pineapple Pieces, Mango Pieces, Cranberries, Rose Petals, Apple Pieces, Hibiscus, Blueberries, Natural Mango Flavor And Natural Pineapple Flavor

Red Larch is a little town nestled in the Dessarin Valley near the Sumber Hills. It's the home of the Dran & Courtier Inn, which is also that area's branch headquarters of Acquisitions Incorporated. 

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