Use these tips to make a refreshing iced milk tea you can enjoy on hot days!

  • Black teas will have the most flavor, but this will work with any tea type.

  • Use twice the amount of tea as you normally would, and about half the amount of water.  For most black teas, this is 2 tsp per 4oz of hot
    water (follow the hot water brewing temps of whichever tea you use as normal.)

  • I usually steep about 5 minutes but you can let it steep longer if using an herbal or lighter tea, up to 15 minutes.

  • If sweetening the tea, add your sweetener while the tea is warm so it's easier to dissolve.

  • Letting the tea cool down melts less of the ice so your milk tea doesn't get as watered down.

Easy Milk Tea

 To assemble (if using 4 ounces of concentrate) Fill a cup a little less than half way with ice, add about a cup of your milk of choice, and then add with your tea concentrate. Top with a little more milk or ice if needed. If making boba, you can add the boba to the bottom of the cup first, or on top, whichever you like. Give a stir and enjoy!

Extra tips:

  • You can make a big batch of concentrate and keep it in the fridge for up to 4-5 days.
  • White teas will have a very light flavor, so use a bit less milk.
  • Thai iced tea is made with splashes of evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, or non-dairy coffee creamer. Sometimes a mix of all 3!
  • You can use plant based milks, however they won’t cut the bitterness as much, so use less tea or steep at a lower temperature
  • Teas with butterfly pea flower cannot color change when making milk tea. Any acid added will curdle most milks.
  • Teas heavy in hibiscus are also not good for milk tea and will curdle.
  • You can also use cold brew tea, but you should let it steep at least 12 hours. It will have a much lighter flavor.

Take Your Milk Tea to the Next Level

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