Elvendawn - Summer Seasonal Limited Edition!

Elvendawn - Summer Seasonal Limited Edition!

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Tasting notes: Cherries are in the forefront with raspberry and caramel floating on the light blend of jasmine green and white tea. Tart and sweet but grounded, a nice astringency reminiscent of a sweet wine. Makes the perfect summer iced tea!

Will only be available during the summer! Sold in amounts of 2oz.

Blended with: hibiscus, white tea, gunpowder tea, jasmine green tea, rooibos, black tea, rose hips, apple pieces, natural wild cherry flavor, natural raspberry flavor, natural pineapple flavor, natural peach flavor, cherries, raspberries, raspberry leaves, rose petals, marigold flowers, natural caramel flavor

In Syngorn, the Elves open small doorways into the Feywild and celebrate alongside the wild fey with uncharacteristic vigor.

Though the Dwendalian Empire doesn't promote the worship of the Arch Heart, the elves of Bysaes Tyl quietly celebrate in private by opening small doors to the Feywild and having a little more wine than usual.