Highharvestide - Fall Seasonal Edition

Highharvestide - Fall Seasonal Edition

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Tasting notes: A nice earthy oolong is the base for light maple and a hint of spices and orange to float upon. Not too astringent and a little naturally sweet with the honeybush in there. Feels like drinking an early fall evening.

Will only be available during for the rest of fall! Sold in amounts of 2oz.

Blended with: oolong tea, honeybush tea, cinnamon, apple pieces, lapsang souchong tea, cardamom, maple flavor, cloves, aniseed, cocoa nibs, rose hips, natural creme flavor, safflower, orange, red peppercorn, natural cinnamon flavor, natural hazelnut flavor, natural orange flavor

Highharvesttide is traditionally a feast to celebrate the harvest and the abundance of food, but also the time when those wishing to travel leave on their journeys before winter sets in.
It is said that the Stag King sometimes appears floating above a bonfire at this time of year, portending that those who see him are destined for adventure in the coming year.