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Barrys & Cream

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Tasting notes: For Barry, I wanted something that would be a good complement to Lup's tea. Cream soda was one of the first things that came to mind! This is a very light and mild vanilla tea. The blend features red raspberry leaves (which doesn't impart a raspberry flavor though) and white tea for a light base that doesn't overpower the vanilla too much. Still, the cream soda features more prominently as the aftertaste. Adding a sweetener of your choice will really bring out the vanilla more!

This tea could be great for ladies, as raspberry leaves have many therapeutic benefits when it comes to easing PMS symptoms. 

Blended with: white tea, raspberry leaves, cocoa nibs, black tea, cream soda flavor, natural cream flavor, cinnamon, sweet cloves.

Current inventory: white cotton shirt, studded leather belt, blue jeans, red robe, Lup's heart.

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