Dirty Wizard

Dirty Wizard

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Tasting notes: I used a a chocolate-orange pu erh in this, which has that nice earthiness to it, and accented it with some spice and cinnamon to add a hint of fire. This tea is very smooth and has a nice natural sweetness to it. 

Blended with: Pu-Erh Tea, Black Tea, Orange Peels, Cocoa Nibs, Blue Cornflowers, honeybush tea, apple pieces, aniseed, lapsang souchong tea, rose hips, cinnamon bark, red peppercorn, cloves, Natural Chocolate Flavor, natural cinnamon flavor, natural orange flavor, safflower, natural hazelnut flavor

"Well, my social anxiety is getting the best of me. I'm taking a walk; goodbye." - Caleb Widogast

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