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Critical Role Deluxe Box

Critical Role Deluxe Box

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Want to try everything in a collection and see which ones are your favorites? This includes .5 oz of loose tea of each variety in the Critical Role Collection!

Long May He Reign
Graveyard Tea
Familiar Frumpkin
Yasha's Book of Flowers
Dirty Wizard
Monk of the Cobalt Soul
Nott the Brave... And Drunk!

What's more is this box will double as a great place to stash trading or playing cards, dice, or other miscellaneous items! Each box will comfortably hold four 60-card sleeved decks or maybe a bajillion dice... I haven't counted so I'm not sure, but it's got some room.

These boxes take a little extra time to make so the order processing time will be longer. Thanks for your patience!

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Never brewed loose tea before?

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Is it energy?

How much caffeine is in this?

I can answer that here!