Elderflower Macarons

Elderflower Macarons

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Tasting notes: This blend is sweet and rich, just like I imagine Taako's macrons would be. No hint of bitterness and almost no astringency. A smooth, rounded flavor.

Elderflower wasn't a flavor I knew much about before blending this, but it's not super flowery like jasmine, and it has a bit of fruitiness to it. It blends beautifully with almond and the rich oolong base of this tea. A little bit of ceylon black tea and cream flavor was added as the delicious filling.

Blended with: oolong tea, black tea, elderflowers, natural almond flavor, organic elderflower extract, natrual creme flavor

  • "The Director: Hot diggity shit.
  • Taako: That’s what we do. That’s how we do it.
  • The Director: That is a baller cookie. How did you-
  • Taako: Yeah.
  • The Director: How did you- h-how did you even do this?"

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