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Elderflower Macarons

Elderflower Macarons

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Tasting notes: This blend is sweet and rich, just like I imagine Taako's macrons would be. No hint of bitterness and almost no astringency. A smooth, rounded flavor.

Elderflower wasn't a flavor I knew much about before blending this, but it's not super flowery like jasmine, and it has a bit of fruitiness to it. It blends beautifully with almond and the rich oolong base of this tea. A little bit of ceylon black tea and cream flavor was added as the delicious filling.

Blended with: oolong tea, black tea, elderflowers, natural almond flavor, organic elderflower extract, natrual creme flavor

There are no actual almonds or almond extract used in the making of this tea so it is nut allergen friendly!

  • "The Director: Hot diggity shit.
  • Taako: That’s what we do. That’s how we do it.
  • The Director: That is a baller cookie. How did you-
  • Taako: Yeah.
  • The Director: How did you- h-how did you even do this?"

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