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Little Puppet Boy

Little Puppet Boy

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Tasting notes: I don't like to confine pumpkin spice to just one time of year. This is a rounded blend of a pumpkin spice black tea and a honeybush chai. The honeybush adds a nice amount of natural sweetness and evens out any bitterness from the black tea, so you can steep this for a bit longer for stronger pumpkin spice flavor. This tea makes a fantastic latte.

Blended with: Black Tea, Honeybush Tea, Cinnamon Bark, Natural Pumpkin Spice Flavor, Ginger Root, Cloves, Cocoa Nibs, Marigold Flowers, Cardamom, Natural Pumpkin Spice Flavor And Safflower

The little puppet boy, Simon, was found by the Wafflecrew in Castle Ravenloft and their bard, Paultin, took a liking to him pretty quickly and the whole crew has kind of adopted him. He's only killed one kid and kidnapped another one, so he's not that bad of a son. I blended this tea with pumpkin spice and chai because Simon painted his face like a jack 'o lantern once as a disguise.

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